Ziegler's SRIM & TRIM on Debian GNU/Linux with wine

by Ricardo Yanez
Last updated: January 7, 2013

Ziegler's SRIM & TRIM can be installed on Linux systems with wine (the free MS-Windows API implementation) by running the Windows setup utility. However, a run-time error crashes the application. These are the steps to make an installation with fixed run-time error:

  1. Install wine. On Debian systems install wine with the command `sudo apt-get install wine`.
  2. Run winecfg to create a .wine/ directory with a basic configuration.
  3. Download SRIM. Save or move the self-extrating zip file in /tmp (you may have to give it the extension .exe). Extract the files with `wine SRIM-2008.exe`, for example.
  4. Install SRIM with `wine /tmp/SETUP.EXE`.

As is, TRIM will crash upon execution. This is because the installation fails to edit the file Data/VERSION. Edit this file,

$ nano .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/SRIM/Data/VERSION

which is empty, then add,


SRIM software version.

See VERSION.rtf for details.

This is what this file says in a Windows installation, but the only requirement is that it is not empty.

Now, SRIM will not crash upon execution. Just go to Applications/Wine/Programs/SRIM (in GNOME),

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